My Projects

I've been fortunate to work in many environments ranging from large corporates to startups. These experiences have given me a plethora of projects which have expanded my knowledge and skill set beyond anything I could've expected. Check out some of my past work below. All confidential information has been redacted.

Computer with Graph
Analysing Data
Colleagues Working Together
Man Using Smart Tablet

Data Analysis & Insights

Analyzed sales data using Tableau to gather insights and provided a recommendation to sales management to evenly distribute leads among the team to increase the team's win rate.

Financial Modeling

Built a model to quantify the expected cost savings for clients. Evaluated multiple pricing structures and calculated the impact of each on our margins.

Indirect Channel Strategy

Developed an indirect channel strategy to grow leads from indirect channels by 30%. Several data points were collected and analyzed to provide insights that drove strategy.

Market Research

Conducted in-depth market research on the greeting card industry for a Vietnam-based NGO looking to enter the North America market.